Scenarios for the Grand Finale between Kosovo and Serbia- A policy Report

Research Institute of Development and European Affairs (RIDEA), the lead, and Balkans Policy Research Group (BPRG) have published a specific policy paper “Scenarios for the ‘Grand Finale’ between Kosovo and Serbia”. The report outlines possible, and the best scenarios Kos [...]



The Berlin Process for the Western Balkans: Gains and Challenges for Kosovo

The Berlin Process is a German-led initiative with a mandate to facilitate regional cooperation between the Western Balkans Six  countries – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia – to enable them to join the European Union (EU). The ‘Con [...]



Implementation Progress Overview of European Reform Agenda (ERA)

The short briefing presents an overview, in chart, of the progress on the implementation of the European Reform Agenda, Pillar One, Good governance and Rule of Law. [...]



European Reform Agenda: Progress Report on Good Governance and Rule of Law

European Reform Agenda (ERA) was introduced as an attempt to increase the attention of the Kosovo Government on pressing issues, related to the Good Governance and Rule of Law; Competitiveness and Investment Climate; Employment and Education. The government recognizes ERA as an i [...]



Another High Stake for Kosovo: Haradinaj’s Government Challenging Agenda

“The government of Ramush Haradinaj inherits a large and very challenging agenda. The mood and the context are not very favorable. The list of tasks present the priorities that do matter for the citizens, institutions, international partners and Kosovo’s European agenda” [...]



The Association of Serb Municipalities: Understanding conflicting views of Albanians and Serbs

The Agreement on the Association/Community of Serb Majority Municipalities marks the cornerstone of discord of the EU-facilitated dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia. The General Principles for the establishment of the Association/Community, agreed in August 2015, brought more con [...]



European Agenda for Kosovo: Challenges to the good plan

Kosovo government and EU Commissioner Han launch the European Reform Agenda for Kosovo tomorrow, on 11 November 2016. Balkans Group has followed this process from the start and identified issues, opportunities and challenges, that are presented in the policy briefing. The paper [...]



Public companies in the northern Kosovo municipalities: Stuck in Status Quo

The Brussels agreement on normalisation of relations between Kosovo and Serbia, signed in April 2013, brought unprecedented changes to the four northern municipalities of Kosovo. The Serbian administration was to be dissolved, replaced by a Kosovar one. [...]



Serb Integration in Kosovo after the Brussels Agreement

Published on 19 March 2015 / Kosovo and Serbia have started an immense task, the integration of the Kosovo Serbs and Belgrade’s administrative and financial infrastructure on Kosovo’s territory into the latter’s system – in short, “Serb integration”. With the support [...]



Something Completely Different in Northern Kosovo

Published on 23 October 2013 / On 3 November Kosovo will hold local elections.1 For the Serb-held northern municipalities, the elections mark the end of Serbian and the beginning of Kosovo administration, the transition from one country to another.2 Pristina believes November wil [...]