Albanians reject: What Serbs think of the Association of Serb Municipalities? 

A number of surveys have sized up the levels of support for the Association of Serb Municipalities among Kosovo’s Serbian communities. However, no space has been created for Serbs to express their views on the future functioning of an Association that would cater to their needs and concerns. The project examines expectations and wishes of Serbian population in Kosovo with regards to the widely discussed but poorly understood Association, and offers options for designing an Association that would provide satisfactory tools for the survival and development of Serbian community in Kosovo, while also being accepted by their fellow Albanian citizens.


Mapping the integration of local public institutions in northern Kosovo

The project aims to advance integration of Serb community in the North of Kosovo by targeting integration at the institutional level. It maps the functioning of public institutions present in the region, analyses existing obstacles to and opportunities for integration, and offers concrete recommendations and policy options for facilitating integration into Kosovo institutional and legal system.

The project activities are carried out in cooperation with authorities (northern municipalities and government in Pristina), local public companies operating in the north, citizens, and CSOs working on local governance issues.


What happened to Preševo Valley?

The project surveys the state of human rights enjoyed by the Albanian community in southern Serbia. It evaluates the level of implementation of the seven point Plan (agreed by representatives of the local Albanian community and the central government in Belgrade) and proposes concrete recommendations on measures to be undertaken in view of improving its implementation. By devising policy solutions based on extensive field research, the project seeks to foster harmonious coexistence of communities in the Preševo Valley.