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Balkans Group launched the Progress Report on the European Reform Agenda

Published at: 2017-11-15

10 November 2017

Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, Minister of European Integration, Dhurata Hoxha, Minister of Justice Abelard Tahiri, Head of the EU Office in Kosovo Nataliya Apostolova, Norway Ambassador Per Strand Sjaastad contributed to the conference, Balkans Group organized on the occasion of the launch of the Progress Report on the Implementation of the European Reform Agenda: Good Governance and Rule of Law.

The Progress Report on ERA presents the pace of the implementation in the area of Good Governance and Rule of Law, the delays and challenges the implementation faced between November 2016 and October 2017. In addition to a detailed analysis, the report provides recommendations for the government in advancing the implementation of the ERA. 

The government has made progress on developing concept documents on suspension/removal of public officials indicted or convicted for corruption was prepared. A review analysis of independent agencies and regulatory bodies was completed. The draft law on prevention of conflict of interest was submitted to the parliament. Yet, much remains to be implemented. Legislation to enforce suspension of public officials has not been prepared; Adoption of the laws on civil service, salaries and organization of public administration has not advanced yet. Progress on auditing of party finances moves very slowly.

Prime Minister Haradinaj underlined his government priorities for 2018, including commitment to implement priorities that derive from ERA and MSA. Recognizing challenges and limited implementing capacities, Prime minister reaffirmed his government commitment to advance implementation of the ERA. Haradinaj called on strengthening of the governance capacities that would continue work independently regardless of elections, crisis or political delays.

Minister of EU Integration, Dhurata Hoxha presented government work plan for 2018 on ERA and stated that the new action plan will be presented to the EU commission. Minister Hoxha invited other actors, civil society to support the European agenda.

Minister of Justice Abelard Tahiri presented immediate plans and tasks of the ministry to advance implementation of the ERA action plan. Minister noted that the draft law for the state prosecutor, and the Concept document for the suspension of the public officials indicted for corruption or organized crime are ready to processed to the government for approval.

The Head of the EU Office in Kosovo, Nataliya Apostolova praised the efforts of the government of Kosovo on moving forward with the Agenda of European Reforms. However, she also highlighted challenges the Kosovo institutions face. Ambassador Apostolova emphasized the need for The Prime Minister’s Office together with the Ministry of European Integration need to take a leading and proactive role vis a vis other implementing partners.

Ambassador of Norway Per Strand Sjaastad (BPRG donor) presented his government plans to support the ministry of EU integration on the implementation of the SAA and other EU programs.

Other presentations in the conference included, Minister of Public Administration, Mahir Yagcilar, Director of Anti-Corruption Agency, Shaip Havolli, Kosovo Judicial Council member, experts, and ambassadors.

Other participants at the conference included Ambassadors of the EU countries, Development government agencies, GIZ, USAID, DELUX, SIDA, UNDP, NDI, government officials and agencies, civil society and independent experts.

BPRG activities on the European Reform Agenda are supported by the Norwegian Embassy, KCSF, OSIFE TTF. Balkans Group is the leading think-tank to promote and support the ERA reforms. The first report European Reform Agenda: Challenges to the Good Plan was published in November 2016. You can read the full report EUROPEAN REFORM AGENDA: GOOD GOVERNANCE AND RULE OF LAW by clicking [here].

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