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Balkans Group part of the Commission of Experts on measurement of the territory of Kosovo

Published at: 2017-02-27
27 February 2017 – Balkans Group Senior Program Manager Jeton A. Rexha was part of the Expert Commission for the measurement of territory of the Republic of Kosovo. The Government of Kosovo appointed the expert commission in reaction to the massive and robust objection of the demarcation agreement with Montenegro by the opposition parties and few members of the ruling parties. The government was unable to ratify the agreement as a result of the broad objections. The expert commission included members of the Government, Border Police, Cadastre Agency, Privatization Agency, Forest Agency, KOSTT, Statistical Agency, Civil Society, Municipalities of Peja, Istog, and Decan; it was chaired by the head of the Academy of Science. The commission’s mandate was to measure the surface and verify the territory of Kosovo. The commission’s final report, among other things, “welcomed the participation and contribution of the representative of civil society (Balkans Policy Research Group) in the capacity of observer”. [(Read more: Factual Report – Measurement of the territory of Kosovo, February 2017).](/storage/app/media/1_Raport_Faktografik.pdf)