Balkans Policy Research Group


Published at: 2019-10-04

 Vacancy Announcement 

Title: Researcher

Status: Full time

Location: Pristina, Kosovo

Reporting to: Project Manager and Executive Director

Position Summary: Balkans Policy Research Group is seeking applications from qualified candidates for the position of Researcher. In the framework of the Advancing Kosovo’s Institutions, Democratisation and Regional Cooperation projectBalkans Group will develop a web platform to inform citizens about the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue.

The platform, covering both web-related content and informative debates and workshops, will offer the public all information - in comprehensive but simplified manner - about the Kosovo-Serbia technical agreements, benefits and challenges, as well as highlight important political milestones throughout the Brussels facilitated dialogue. It will be an integrated, multi-platform endeavourfostering outreach and maximising dissemination through an online platform and social media to inform and engage citizens on the topic.

Duties and Responsibilities: Under the overall supervision of the Executive Director and in close cooperation with the Senior Management Team, the Researcher is responsible for designing a mapping of all Kosovo-Serbia technical agreements and important milestones in the Brussels facilitated dialogue. The Researcher will also be in charge of designing the content of the platform which aims to serve as a Resource and Information centre for the Kosovo Serbia dialogue.   

The Senior Researcher shall:

  • Undertake and lead research to ensure the highest quality of content development on the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue at all levels, namely technical and political; 
  • Design a methodology for collecting data on various aspects of the Kosovo-Serbia technical dialogue;
  • Lead and ensure effective oversight, development and processing of the content collection on the Brussels facilitated agreements;
  • Support the project team in adapting the material into video and infographics;
  • Monitor, brief and advise on political, social and other developments affecting the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue;
  • Support the Communication and Outreach officer in ensuring the effective operation of the platform, including promotion, outreach etc;
  • Facilitate workshops and debates with citizens and experts on the Kosovo-Serbia agreements;
  • Other activities as requested by supervisors;


  • MA degree in one of the following fields: international relations, social sciences, development studies, interdisciplinary studies, or other related studies;
  • Excellent knowledge of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue and technical agreements stemming from the Brussels dialogue;
  • Knowledge in designing both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies;
  • Ability to facilitate and coordinate discussions with workshop participants;
  • Excellent writing skills in English and Albanian, Serbian Desirable;
  • Ability to plan and work within agreed timeframes;
  • Ability to demonstrate initiative and work well under pressure;   
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills and ability;
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced and challenging environment;
  • Deal and work with multi-tasks and agendas;


Interested candidates should send:

Cover letter (in English)

  • CV containing contact details of three references
  • Three writing samples related to the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue

Successful candidates will be invited for an interview and written test. Closing date for applications is October 18th 2019.

Full applications with “Researcher” in the email subject should be emailed to