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Belgrade Security Forum- Balkans 2025

Published at: 2018-10-20

Balkans Group Executive Director, Naim Rashiti attended and contributed to the panel on Balkans 2025

Rashiti highlighted three process upon which integration of the Western Balkans into the EU depends on; Resolution of bilateral issues (Macedonia- Greek Prespa Agreement, and full normalisation between Serbia and Kosovo); Reforming making which require deep reforms in the area of rule of law, good governance and fundamentals, and The Will of the EU and its members states in the coming years to pull Western Balkans countries toward their club.

The EU enlargement strategy highlights three categories of the candidates, the front runners, the second and third layer. Yet, if one lags behind the other will too. 2025 is close but the elites of the Western Balkans and EU  apathy are making citizens to believe that accession is impossible to achieve. We need to see a radical change in the Western Balkans to see the prospects of the 2025. For more follow @naimrashiti, @BalkansGroup and @BelSecForum…..