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Women in Politics: Gender (In)Equality in Politics and Decision-making

Published at: 2019-02-11

With the aim of strengthening Kosovo's democracy, the latest article from Balkans Group "Women in Politics: Gender (In)Equality in Politics and Decision-making" reviews the unfavourable position of women and lack of represnetation in politics and the insitutions of the country.

The Law on Gender Equality is intended to guarantee equal representation of both genders; however, the situation in practice shows a very low representation of women in decision-making bodies. The article identifies factors which maintain the gender gap in Kosovo and provides concrete recommendations for improving gender equality in the country’s political life and government.

If implemented, the recommendations can improve the representation of women and the image of all governing bodies; political parties, local and central government, the legislature and the presidency.

BPRG is committed to contributing to democratic state building and strong social cohesion and will continue to advocate for reforms that benefit the society as a whole.

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