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Dialogue Roundtable with party senior representatives

Published at: 2016-07-13
13 July 2016 – Initiated by the Balkans Group and in partnership with the D4D Institute, senior representatives of political parties met today in Prishtina. This meeting mark the forth round of political dialogue. The Agenda of the Roundtable included discussions on further steps on finding a consensual solution regarding the border agreement with Montenegro and the agreements with Serbia. The political tensed situation and the disagreement on the border agreement have impacted other important processes for Kosovo; visa liberalization in particular. Representatives of political parties called for more debate and discussions on the issues that caused disagreements and for more transparency and inclusiveness in the process. They agreed on the need to continue with the dialogue in the form of the Balkans Group facilitated format. Our mediation role was endorsed and advised for preparation and upgrading the dialogue in the level of party leaders.