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Dialogue roundtable with Women MPs

Published at: 2018-04-03

03 April 2018 Balkans Group organised a roundtable with women MPs on March 29, 2018. Gathering the board members of women Caucasus and the chairwomen of parliamentary commissions, the roundtable discussion was framed around the role of women MPs in the political dialogue. Aida Dërguti (Independent Group of MPs), Albulena Balaj (NISMA), Besa Gaxherri (LDK), Blerta Deliu (PDK), Mexhide Mjaku-Topalli (PDK), Teuta Haxhiu (AAK) confirmed their motivation for proactive engagement in the political dialogue. Focusing on the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, the MPs firmly emphasised the necessity of women engagement in this particular process, within the framework of the Kosovo Assembly. Emma Lomax from the U.S. Embassy to Kosovo, reaffirmed the support of her Government for the Kosovo-Serbia political dialogue and women participation in all aspects of public life.  Albulena Haxhiu (LVV), Duda Balje (6+), Saranda Bugujevci (LVV) and Vjosa Osmani (LDK) could not attend the roundtable. The roundtable was a part of the political dialogue platform that has been established by Balkans Group since 2016. The dialogue activities are supported by the **Governments of Switzerland and Norway.**