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Expert workshop on Kosovo-Serbia Final Phase of Dialogue and Preparations for Kosovo.

Published at: 2018-08-30
July 24, 2018 – Balkans Group organised a one-day workshop with experts from civil society, media and the government and political parties to analyse, discuss and forecast the process of the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia. The in-depth analysis of the dialogue, preparations, context, domestic and international were done in form of SWOT Analysis and draft a SWOT Analysis. The experts discussed the Kosovo contexts and ways the country can better prepare for the final phased of the dialogue with Serbia, and the options Kosovo can and should consider. The exercise was to include and elaborate all different perspectives and views, different political and social actors in Kosovo present. Part of expert discussions was put on different scenarios of the success or failure of the dialogue. This activity was supported by the Norwegian **Embassy in Kosovo and Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.**