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Focus Groups with Young People in Politics

Published at: 2019-05-24

Balkans Group in cooperation with the A.U.K Training and Development Institute organised six (6) focus groups during the past three days with representatives from youth forums of political parties in Kosovo within the “Youth in Politics” component. The focus groups gathered in total 60 young individuals from 19 municipalities of Kosovo who remain active in the political spectrum.

The aim of these focus groups was to assess the professional and educational need of youth in politics regarding policy-making, good governance, international relations etc. Applying the “bottom up” approach, findings from the focus group will be used to create an education curriculum that responds to the needs of youth regarding education.

The majority of participants were satisfied with our approach regarding this component given, they were provided with the opportunity to contribute in the process of creating and adapting the program based on education needs they identified.

Apart from researching the education needs of youth, Balkans Group managed to establish a communication platform among young people from different political parties in Kosovo, with the goal of exchanging opinions, criticising and identifying common interests.

The main objective of the youth component is creating an education academy aimed at building the capacity of youth in politics by delivering a high quality program on topics they consider necessary for their further advancement in politics.

This series of focus group was organised under “Strengthening Kosovo’s Institutions, Democratisation and Regional Cooperation” project supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Pristina.