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Gjilan: Consultation on Fostering the Women Caucus’ role through regional outreach

Published at: 2019-12-28

Gjilan, 19 December 2019

Balkans Group organised the fourth roundtable from the series of consultations as part of the project “Fostering the Women Caucus' role through regional outreach & establishing their relationship with the media”.

At the roundtable, women assembly members communicated the challenges at the local level regarding equal development between women and men. On the other hand, the women MP's offered their views and highlighted the commitments that they will make to avoid the challenges and advance the position of women at all levels.

Three newly elected women members of the Assembly debated important issues that relate to empowering them with municipal assembly members: Lirije Kajtazi of LDK, Labinotë Demi- Murtezi of LVV and Arbëreshe Kryeziu Hyseni of LVV.

Lirije Kajtazi, a former member of the Women Caucus board informed the local women representatives on the work of the Women Forum and insisted that the assembly members understood that their voice is just as important as the MP’s.

Labinotë Demi Murtezi welcomed the initiative taken to get together women representatives from the central and local level. Mrs. Demi- Murtezi pointed out that without the help of the women assembly members, the women caucus will not function properly, as the root of all the issues starts in the municipalities.

Arbëreshë Kryeziu Hyseni, a former municipal assembly member of Gjilan and now elected Member of the Parliament, brought a new insight to the discussions. Mrs. Kryeziu explained that the informal women caucus at the municipal assemblies is less active, and sought for the roundtables of this kind to become more common. Mrs Kryeziu mentioned that men should also serve as role models in elevating women’s access to the decision-making process, employment etc. The Assembly Members of Gjilan brought to light several issues like maternity leave, limited participation of women in public hearings etc.

The local assembly members acknowledged the new relationships and sought to be in more frequent contacts with Women members of the Parliament. The Assembly members also proposed for a joint office to be opened in regional cities, where women MP’s, assembly members and representatives from rural areas gather fortnightly, to discuss the obstacles they face.

The project aims to further strengthen the Women Caucus’ impact and expand its reach throughout Kosovo by also liaising with the women representatives at municipal levels. The project will help women MPs and women municipal assembly members work more closely with media and help initiate public dialogue at the local and central level, forging a sustainable relationship between the caucus and the media through continuous activities. Other project activities supporting the Women Caucus include: an intensive training on the use of social networks for women MP’s, meetings with media representatives, and a concluding conference.

The project “Fostering the Women Caucus’ role through regional outreach and establishing relationship with the media” is funded by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) – an initiative of the Government of Canada”.