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Kosovo 2020: A Complex Agenda for the New Government

Published at: 2019-12-29

Pristina, 18 December 2019

Balkans Group’s new report presents the challenging agenda of the new government. The snap elections which took place on 6 October 2019, resulted in a significant power shift. With long delayed process of the formation of the institutions, the new government will inherit a large and demanding agenda.

The report, Kosovo 2020: A Complex Agenda for the New Government outlines the key policy priorities for the incoming government through a sectorial review. It examines key reform needs in the areas of Size and structure of the Cabinet, Public Administration, ERA and SAA, Dialogue with Serbia, Foreign Affairs, Justice, Education, Healthcare, Environment and Economic Development.

The report helps identify the difficulties that underpin developments in those key sectors, but not only and provides sensible recommendations on what the incoming government should priorities to

address them.

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