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Kosovo Leaders meet for Dialogue

Published at: 2016-08-05
5 August 2016 – Today, leaders of Kosovo met to discuss on issues that have caused controversy between the government and the opposition. Prime Minister Isa Mustafa (LDK leader), Speaker of the Parliament Kadri Veseli (PDK leader), Visar Ymeri (VV leader), Ramush Haradinaj (AAK Leader) and Fatmir Limaj (NISMA Leader) accompanied by their vice-presidents discussed the political situation. The meeting of the leaders followed four rounds of dialogue with party vice-presidents, who had prepared a draft Roadmap for the political dialogue. The agreement on the border demarcation with Montenegro was at the center of discussions between the leaders. Government and opposition leaders gave support to Roadmap and the topics. They agreed to continue the dialogue and expressed support for the Balkans Group’s initiative. Following two years of political crisis, the meeting of the leaders marks a promising step toward stability and political consolidation. Leaders met for the first time since 2014. The political dialogue at the level of vice-presidents and the leaders aims to consolidate the dialogue and help parties and institutions address and resolve key issues of the state-building and reach consensus on important national topics. This dialogue is facilitated by the Balkans Group; we engage in constant consultations with all actors and offer an impartial venue and role for an inclusive political dialogue. The dialogue project is supported financially by the Governments of Switzerland and Norway