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Political Dialogue - Roundtable of leaders and vice-presidents

Published at: 2018-07-06

Pristina, 04 July 2017 – Facilitated by the Balkans Group, leaders and vice presidents of parliamentary parties VV, LDK, PDK, AAK NISMA and PSD convened for a new round of political dialogue. The discussions were focused around the consensus for the dialogue with Serbia with two priorities, the appointment of the negotiating team and the principles for the dialogue with Serbia, that eventually gain the approval of the parliament.  Yet, disagreements remain within the ruling coalition and between the government and the opposition. Parties agreed to abandon the rounds of dialogue hosted by political parties, assessed as a difficult venue to generate consensus. Party representatives agreed to attempt for meetings that would involve only leaders. 

Upcoming Balkans Group activities will involve leaders, vice presidents and external experts.

The project and activities are implemented with the supported of the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (Swiss Embassy) and Royal Norwegian Embassy.