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Scenarios for the ‘Grand Finale’ between Kosovo and Serbia”

Published at: 2018-04-10

Research Institute of Development and European Affairs (RIDEA), the lead, and Balkans Policy Research Group (BPRG) have published a specific policy paper “Scenarios for the ‘Grand Finale’ between Kosovo and Serbia”. The report outlines possible, and the best scenarios Kosovo should pursue in the final stage of the Dialogue on Full Normalisation with Serbia. For this unique study, we have conducted more than 120 interviews with official of Kosovo’s institutions, political parties, NGOs, opinion makers and local and international actors. Two expert workshops were held and numerous research reports and analysis were consulted. The policy report offers a seat of feasible recommendations that aim to help a successful conclusion of the dialogue with Serbia in the years to come. For more read the report [Scenarios for the Grand Finale between Kosovo and Serbia]