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Roundtable on the Kosovo Serbia dialogue: Discussion with experts and civil society

Published at: 2019-03-25

21 March 2019

Balkans Group organised the roundtable “Kosovo-Serbia dialogue: Discussion with experts and civil society”. This roundtable gathered members of the negotiating team for the dialogue with Serbia, members of political parties, representatives of the civil society, media and independent experts.

The discussion was focused on the process and the dynamics of the dialogue, on widening the political consensus and the need of the negotiating team for cooperation and support from the civil society and experts.

Representatives of the negotiating team and experts debated the dialogue process, its format and the main pillars that will be dealt with during the meetings in Brussels. Other matters that were discussed covered a local, regional, international context; the involvement of actors and friends in regard to the dialogue and the aim to reach a deal with Serbia.

The participants discussed ways to broaden the consensus and the cooperation of the negotiating team with the Kosovo parliament. Participants also addressed the themes and working groups, parts of which directly derive from the platform of the State Delegation for Kosovo.

The negotiating team and the experts called on the civil society representatives to organise roundtables of this nature more often, so that important matters in regards to the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue are dealt with. They also stressed the need for the civil society to provide their input and contribution with their advice, analysis and expertise for this segment.

This was only one of the activities and formats that Balkans Group partakes and implements to broaden the political cooperation and widen the discussion on the dialogue with Serbia, as well as to create a stable communication between all the members that were present in the roundtable.

The round table is organized as part of the “Strengthening Kosovo institutions, democratization and regional cooperation” project supported by Royal Norwegian Embassy in Pristina.