Launch event of platform

16 March 2021 Balkans Group held the launch event for the on 16 March 2021, which is a platform dedicated to informing citizens on Kosovo-Serbia dialogue and the reached agreements. Deputy Ambassador of Norway to Kosovo was present in this launch event, where she spoke about the importance of this platform, as a project […]

Balkans Policy Research Group launched the new project

8 February 2021 Balkans Group launched the new project “Elevate peace & state-building agenda and advancing European agenda” financed by The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.” funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The project aims to elevate peace, state-building and the European agenda for Kosovo, through reconciliation, comprehensive policy-making, expertise, increased political and […]

The Albanian Geopolitical Factor in the Western Balkans

The Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM) in cooperation with the Balkans Policy Research Group (BPRG) and the European Policy Institute (EPI) published a survey report which investigates the role and potential of the Albanian geopolitical factor in Albania, North Macedonia and Kosovo. In each of these countries, ethnic Albanian political, cultural and economic elites […]

Regional Cooperation in the Western Balkans – An overview of the Regional Economic Area and the “mini-Schengen”

The new Balkans Group policy article “Regional Cooperation in the Western Balkans” presents an overview of the two most debated agendas on regional cooperation — the Regional Economic Area (REA) and the “mini-Schengen”, with another on the horizon – the Common Regional Market. In July 2017, the RCC presented the Multi-annual Action Plan for a […]

Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue: Path to the Agreement

The new Balkans Group policy article Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue: Path to the Agreement, addresses the missing elements of the dialogue and looks at the roles all actors are playing: the facilitators, the countries involved in supporting this process, as well as Kosovo and Serbia that are doing very little to shift their positions toward a more constructive dialogue. […]

Workshop: “Expert discussion regarding the Kosovo- Serbia Dialogue”

23 September 2020 – Balkans Group organized an online workshop on the Kosovo- Serbia dialogue, with the experts of the field. This event primarily focused on guiding the development of the web platform, which BPRG is launching to increase citizens’ involvement and understanding of the Kosovo- Serbia dialogue process. The platform aims to become citizens’ […]

Online Workshop: “Discussion regarding Brussels Dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia”

24 July 2020 – Balkans Group organised an online workshop on the Kosovo- Serbia technical dialogue, with citizens of North Mitrovica. Through this event, BPRG aimed to expand citizens’ involvement and understanding on the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue process. Due to its nature, the workshop was structured in one session. Initially, participants were given narratives of some […]

Southeast Europe Covid-19 Bulletin No 4: Pandemic Politics

In this 4th and final Bulletin before the summer, we focus on the latest developments with regard to the Covid-19 pandemic in the region, and the impact it has had on the overall political environment within each country, many of whom are facing impending electoral challenges. The deterioration in democratic standards and delays in EU […]

Southeast Europe – COVID-19 Bulletin No 3 – International chessboard

Back to normal? In this third bulletin, we provide an update on the latest developments on the rates of infection and mortality arising out of the pandemic in the region, the general easing of restrictions, as well as the range and extent of international assistance. As most EU member states embark on a gradual lifting […]

Southeast Europe – COVID-19 Bulletin No 2 – Exit Strategies and Economic Recovery

Ready to end the lockdown? In this second CEPS COVID-19 bulletin, we review the latest data on the Covid–19 pandemic in the Western Balkans and Turkey, the general easing of restrictions, the economic impact so far and recovery measures. It comes a few days after the annual economic policy dialogue between the EU and the […]