Balkans Policy Research Group

EU Integration & Policy Change

Pillar three: EU Integration and Policy Change program aims to support Kosovo’s advancement toward EU by encouraging and facilitating policy change and reforms required within the frame of the EU accession process.
We see European integration as a key avenue for accelerating democratic consolidation of Kosovo institutions and society, and full reconciliation in the Western Balkans.

In 2016, Kosovo signed SAA and implemented all reforms related to the visa liberalisation dialogue. Yet, continuous political crisis and weak performance of the institutions pose a serious obstacle to the implementation of the SAA and reforms. Faced with those challenges, Balkans Group is actively engaged to support the European Reform Agenda.  ERA, part of the high level dialogue between Kosovo and EU, consists of selected reform priorities that the Government of Kosovo (GoK) should implement. Implementation of the SAA is proving to be a challenge for Kosovo institutions and therefore involvement of other local actors, particularly of civil society is a necessity. Balkans Group will help on key SAA priorities related to good governance and regional cooperation.