Balkans Policy Research Group

Regional Cooperation & Good Neighbourly Relations

Pillar Two: Reconciliation and Good Neighbourly Relations program aims at full integration of all minorities into Kosovo society institutions, societal harmony between communities and peaceful and prosperous relations between the countries, nations in the Western Balkans. With our unique expertise we aim to support and enhance the dialogue on normalisation of relations between Kosovo and Serbia with the goal of mutual recognition. Balkans Group led the call and initiative for dialogue between the two countries. Since 2009 our (than under the International Crisis Group) reports on the northern Kosovo, state to state relations, policy recommendations, and high level advocacy activities in Prishtina, Belgrade, Brussels, Berlin, Washington D.C. and other countries, promoted the launch of the dialogue on normalisation of Relations between Kosovo and Serbia. Our in-depth field-based research and knowledge in combination with un-matchable access to the governments and other key international actors allow us to conduct feasible policy reports and recommendations.

Balkans Group closely monitors the dialogue and the implementation of the agreements. We have engaged in developing and enhancing support for dialogue on full normalisation of relations between Kosovo and Serbia at both policy and societal levels, including civil society cooperation.