Balkans Group organised the third edition of the 2022 Executive Programme “Youth in Politics”

Balkans Group organised the third edition of the 2022 Executive Programme “Youth in Politics: Governance and Political Systems”. Young members of all parliamentary parties were part of this intensive training of learning new topics and skills.

The opening remarks were delivered by Mr. Richard Le Vay, Head of Internal Politics and Communications at the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Kosovo who shared his experiences during his activity in England. He emphasized the importance of young people’s participation in political life, considering the fact that Kosovo has a very active youth in politics and decision-making. He also underlined the importance of engagement of young people in civil society and community representation.

The course included training from renowned professors on: Security Policies, Regional cooperation and Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Energy Efficiency, Economic Development, Educational Policies, Health Policies and Gender and Social Inclusion.

The “Youth in Politics” training programme is part of the multi-pillar project “Advancing Kosovo’s Institutions, Democratisation, and Regional Cooperation”. The education programme seeks to offer young individuals and members of political parties throughout Kosovo a chance to develop a practical toolkit to help them overcome some of the most critical hurdles to their progressing career. The training program is implemented in cooperation with AUK Training and Development Institute.

The project is funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Pristina.

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