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Western Balkans Six Countries are negotiating free movement with ID cards for citizens of Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, and Serbia within the Berlin Process.

Balkans Group strongly advocates for enhancing regional cooperation and good neighbourly relations, promoting the rights of citizens within the WB6 countries to move freely, increasing cross-border cooperation, enabling security and stability to citizens, and allowing free trade markets, which would bring investments and growth to all the countries.

For the purpose of ensuring regional cooperation of WB6 and increasing the rate of effectiveness of the Berlin Process, there are some critical agreements that should be implemented to facilitate the lives of citizens, including the freedom of movement with ID cards, recognition of academic qualifications, and mutual recognition of professions

The citizens of all Western Balkan countries call on their governments and neighbours to remove travel barriers, speed implementation, and enable freedom of movement of people, professionals, and businesses.

Watch the video and listen to them!

This video is part of the advocacy and outreach campaign within the Balkans Group’s Regional Cooperation Program.

For more, visit www.balkansgroup.org

This activity is supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Prishtina.

The content of the video does not represent the views of the donor.

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