Kosovo Judiciary’s Failure to Communicate to the Public

24 July 2019 – The justice system in Kosovo remains far removed from the citizens. The fraught relationship between the judiciary and the public constitutes a major barrier to communicating justice to the people. Existing gaps in communication have significantly contributed to negative perceptions of citizens towards judicial institutions and the justice they serve.

As such, transparency and access to public information intrinsically impact the level of public trust in judicial institutions. These two fundamentals not only enhance the accountability of the judiciary, but they also lead to greater independence and increase public trust.

Kosovo’s judicial legal framework guarantees the basic foundation for transparent and open judicial institutions. This article examines the current state of their level of transparency as well as the major challenges and obstacles that the judiciary faces in becoming less opaque.

Through a critical analysis of the Kosovo Judicial Council (KJC), the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council (KPC) and the media’s role as an intermediary, the article establishes that there is a need for immediate interventions and a constructive debate between the involved institutions that shifts the approach of the judicial institutions toward communicating justice with the public.

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