Workshop on the Brussels facilitated dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia

BPRG is going to host a workshop on the Brussels Dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia with Albanian and Serb students from Kosovo. The aim of this workshop is to understand their knowledge and opinions on the dialogue and the agreements in particular. Further, BPRG aims to generate discussion on how to best increase transparency regarding the dialogue process by identifying the best ways to present the information- under this atmosphere of new political developments that brought the discussion on the continuation of the dialogue to table. 

Qamil Hoxha street ob. no. 29
appartment no. 7,
10000, Kosovo

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 09:00  – 17:00


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Kosovo deserves to join the @coe.
PACE committee recommends 🇽🇰for membership, highlighting its commitment to strengthening human rights standards and addressing challenges like protecting non-majority communities' rights.
For more, read the BPRG's report:

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