Balkans Policy Research Group

Institution-Building & Democratic Consolidation

Pillar One: Institution Building and Democratic Consolidation program intends to support reforms and policy changes favoring emergence of good governance in Kosovo and state of rule of law.  Utilizing our policy expertise, professional research capacities, and innovative advocacy tools, we aim to advance policy debate and enable participation of all relevant stakeholders in discussing issues central to Kosovo’s institution-building. We strive on mobilizing other like-minded partners to enhance efforts for improving accountability and local ownership of the public institutions. Another focus of BPRG’s work is Democratic Consolidation which addresses ways on how to increase citizens’ trust and loyalty on public institutions.

To create meaningful impact of this pillar we utilized the following in-house approach and tools.

Policy Reports and Articles: Balkans Group maintains high (i.e. International Crisis Group’s) quality standards on conducting policy research, reporting, and advocacy. Our communication strategies aim to access and maintain amicable relationships with key local and international actors with whom we engage permanently. Our policy reports offer impartial, thoroughly researched analyses, and feasible recommendations that offer solutions in areas of state building, democratic development, rule of law, community integration, reconciliation and good neighborly relations and the EU integration.

Advocacy:  Similar to policy reporting and articles, we apply efficient advocacy tools, including high-level advocacy with government officials, leaders, western capitals and international bilateral and multilateral organizations. With our well-founded policies and constructive advocacy methods, we successfully pursue change of policies or positions of the actors. In addition to successful advocacy efforts, our team developed New Tools to address the country’s political issues.

Policy and Political Dialogue: In 2016, Balkans Group successfully launched the political dialogue that aims to facilitate, support, and mediate reform-driven agenda dialogue in overcoming challenges and differences among the parliamentary political parties and leaders in advancing state consolidation. For the first time, a new concept of locally based initiatives for political dialogue was introduced. With this new tool we aim to empower the concept of local willpower, ownership of policy-making processes and reforms by national leaders, institutions, and other local actors to lead and further advance the state building agenda for Kosovo within the framework of the EU accession.

Policy Forum: A new high-level advocacy tool to mobilize all non-state and state actors to persue the implementation of the reforms, by providing expertise, advice, monitoring, advocacy and dialogue. This Forum will focus on implementation of the European Reform Agenda for Kosovo as an immediate task and crosscutting issues of good governance, rule of law, economic development, and the EU integration. Members of the Policy Forum will be think tanks and specialised NGOs operating in Kosovo.