Albanians Reject: What Serbs Think of the Association/Community of Serb Municipalities?

This policy paper analyses attitudes of the Serbian population in Kosovo towards the Association of Serbian Municipalities and formulates policy recommendations on the future functioning of the Association. Media monitoring in North Kosovo, interviews with key officials, and focus groups and a survey were the main tools used to collect the data. The survey was designed in cooperation with the Team for Social Research (TDI).

The goal is to present Serb’s views on the August Agreement on the Association of Serb municipalities to the Kosovo-wide audience. Kosovo and Serbia agreed on the principles/protocol for establishment of the Association of Serb Majority Municipalities in Kosovo on 25 August 2015, which included a four-month period for preparation of the statute.


The Overall objective includes Survey Serb acceptance (levels of) of the Association for their municipalities

  1. In depths analyses of Serbs views, thinking and expectations on newly agreed Association of the Serb municipalities, in face of massive opposition by Albanians
  2. Assess and survey the impact of the turbulent political crisis in Pristina on the Serb Community and their views about the Association/Community and integration
  3. Make Serb views and their concerns heard in Pristina and part of the public discourse and debates about the benefits and gains.

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