Alumni Network of the Executive Program “Youth in Politics”, held a roundtable on the Regional Cooperation and Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue

19 January 2022

During this roundtable, The Group for Regional Cooperation and the Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue, part of the Alumni Network of the Executive Program “Youth in Politics”, addressed and discussed main challenges, issues and opportunities on the topic Regional Cooperation and the Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue. . The conference was organized by this group who was also the winner of the grant prize at the at the Alumni Network program alumni network.

With this approach, Balkans Group aimes at  engaging youngsters beyond regular trainings, giving them the opportunity to first-hand practice the knowledge gained during the trainings received during the Executive Program “Youth in Politics”.

Vlora Citaku, former Kosovo Ambassador to the US, was invited as a panelist at this roundtable, who expressed her happiness that a topic such as Regional Cooperation and the Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue is being discussed by youngsters of all political parties, without exception. According to her, the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue should be concluded and it cannot continue indefinitely. “The Kosovar political spectrum must be unified and we must support our government to the maximum in this process, although at the beginning there was confusion regarding the prioritization of this topic” said Ms. Çitaku.

Sejnur Veshall , the Deputy Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports expressed his dissatisfaction with the inclusion of minorities in the dialogue process, as the Roma minority lives in both Kosovo and Serbia.

“I gladly accepted the invitation to participate in this roundtable, because so far we have not discussed the involvement of young people in this process, although I would like youngsters not to be part of the dialogue, but to have the opportunity to practice their rights, especially of free movement “said Shqipe Mjekiqi, vice president of the Democratic League of Kosovo.

The representative of the RYCO office in Kosovo, Krenare Gashi Krasniqi said that they are open to financially or non-financially support initiatives that seek the involvement of young people in regional cooperation processes. According to her, youngsters should not be indifferent to such topics, taking BREXIT as an example.

Ferid Murseli from D4D, who previously was a facilitator of the Regional Cooperation Group and the Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue, at the “Alumni Network” launching event, brough up discrimination issues that young people continue to face with regard to the pollical processes in general.

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