Balkans Group launches the 2021 Executive programme “Youth in Politics: Governance and Political Systems; Policy and Skills Development Course”

09-12 June 2021

Balkans Group organised the first edition of the 2021 executive training programme “Youth in Politics: Governance and Political Systems”. Thirty young members of all parliamentary parties participated in an intensive four-day training of learning new topics and skills. The participants came from 16 different municipalities.

The opening remarks were delivered by H.E Jens Erik Grøndahl, Ambassador of the Royal Norwegian Embassy to Kosovo . Ambassador Grøndahl reiterated the importance of cooperation between different parties, as one of the main factors for success.

The course included trainings from renowned professors on: European Integration, Regional cooperation and Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, Good Governance and the Rule of Law, Economic Development, Educational Policies, Health Policies and Gender and Social Inclusion.

In addition participants were provided expertise and engaged in interactive activities in developing skills in the policy-cycle, communication with different constituents, conceptualizing and delivering policy briefs, negotiation and dialogue simulation, drafting memos and critical and conceptual thinking.

As a conclusion to the training, Balkans Group organized a study visit to two key public institutions: The Parliament of the Republic of Kosovo and the National Audit Office (NAO). The local study visits allowed students to engage in direct discussions with representatives and leaders of some of the parliamentary group.

Besian Mustafa (LDK), Mimoza Kusari Lila (LVV-Alternativa), Abelard Tahiri(PDK), Besnik Tahiri(AAK) and the deputy speaker of the assembly of Kosovo Saranda Bogujevci gave an insight of their professional achievements and the obstacles they had to overcome to get to where they are today . They advised the youth to continue setting goals and allow themselves to progress by working hard and not underestimating the importance of engaging in their civic power. They advised the youth to question themselves, learn how to inspire and engage people, build their network and utilize the data they get to help themselves in creating an informed decision. Before leaving, the students made sure to ask questions and engage with the MP’s.  

The General Auditor Mr. Besnik Osmani and his team, prepared an in-depth presentation on the role of the NAO as well as how the auditing process of a public institution functions. In addition, the General Auditor examined the relationship between the NAO and the oversight provided by the Kosovo Assembly. After the presentation, youth participants were able to ask additional questions on the General Auditor’s personal experiences heading the institution and the daily challenges it faces in fulfilling its mandate.

The “Youth in Politics” component is part of the multi-pillar project “Elevate peace & state-building agenda and advancing European agenda”. Balkan Group’s Youth in Politics education programme seeks to offer young individuals and members of political parties throughout Kosovo a chance to develop a practical toolkit to help them overcome some of the most critical hurdles to their progressing career. The project is funded by the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Pristina.

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