Restoring the trust in dialogue

Imer Mushkolaj Restoring the trust of citizens in the process, remains one of the biggest challenges that the continuation of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue is facing. It is tough to convince citizens that the reached agreements will benefit them, when they are not being implemented in practice. From the very beginning, the process of the dialogue […]

The dialogue – detached or in line with other Kosovo priorities?!

Florentina Hajdari Hajra February 14th, has brought the most significant change in Kosovo’s political scene since the end of the war, and this change will undoubtedly affect Kosovo’s approach in relation to its neighbouring countries, especially towards Serbia. The almost – absolute power of a relatively new political party; which for 15 years has proclaimed […]

Kosovo-Serbia Final Deal Must be in Line with Western Liberal Values

Visar Xhambazi The Kosovo-Serbia dialogue has commemorated a decade, and relative progress has been made in terms of improving the overall quality of life of citizens from both countries. However, the dialogue has not managed to find a path towards a final comprehensive agreement, with parties holding polarizing positions on how the dialogue should conclude. […]

A/CSM – “A scarecrow” or a promising opportunity?

Igor Marković The introduction of the Brussels Agreement in 2013, has raised hopes not only in terms of resolution of the Kosovo-Serbia dispute, but also by creating a maneuvering space for improvement of mutual relations in a rather challenging political environment of the Western Balkans. Although some of its clauses have been successfully implemented, six […]

“The best (wo)man for the job”

“The aim of having more women in politics does not mean fewer men in politics, but having a society that is more equal to all.” Artmir Ibra, Winner of the Essay Competition I             For a society to gain empowerment, development and equality for women and men, it should offer opportunities for improvement of the […]

“The role of women in representing the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo”

Ndriqim Imeri, Winner of the Essay Competition When one’s writes on the role and influences that women representing Kosovo people have, it’s impossible to miss the historical perspective. Unfortunately, the historical discrimination of women was and remains one of the biggest and longest crises of humanity, not just in our society but around the world. […]

Southeast Europe Covid-19 Bulletin No 4: Pandemic Politics

In this 4th and final Bulletin before the summer, we focus on the latest developments with regard to the Covid-19 pandemic in the region, and the impact it has had on the overall political environment within each country, many of whom are facing impending electoral challenges. The deterioration in democratic standards and delays in EU […]

Southeast Europe – COVID-19 Bulletin No 3 – International chessboard

Back to normal? In this third bulletin, we provide an update on the latest developments on the rates of infection and mortality arising out of the pandemic in the region, the general easing of restrictions, as well as the range and extent of international assistance. As most EU member states embark on a gradual lifting […]

Southeast Europe – COVID-19 Bulletin No 2 – Exit Strategies and Economic Recovery

Ready to end the lockdown? In this second CEPS COVID-19 bulletin, we review the latest data on the Covid–19 pandemic in the Western Balkans and Turkey, the general easing of restrictions, the economic impact so far and recovery measures. It comes a few days after the annual economic policy dialogue between the EU and the […]