Mapping of ongoing programs and actions in the field of RAE social inclusion and institutionalisation in Kosovo

November 2016 Part of the Advocacy project for institutionalization of the RAE education rights, Balkans Group has researched on all present and ongoing programs and projects, and developed a chart mapping all actors, partners, policy makers, donors, and implementers in the area of RAE social inclusion and instutionalisation of education learning centers. See the map of ongoing […]

Public companies in the northern Kosovo municipalities: stuck in status quo

4 December 2016 – The Brussels agreement on normalisation of relations between Kosovo and Serbia, signed in April 2013, brought unprecedented changes to the four northern municipalities of Kosovo. The Serbian administration was to be dissolved, replaced by a Kosovar one. Local elections were held throughout Kosovo, including in the North, in 2013; the police […]

Balkans Group initiates a cross-national think-tank Platform to enhance the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia

22 November – 2016 Members and NGO partners of the Kosovo and Serbia Policy and Advocacy Group held a brainsotriming session with the senior EEAS officials on the Kosovo Serbia dialogue. Leaders of the Balkans Policy Research Group, D4D Institute, Kosovo Center for Security Studies, NGO AKTIV, Belgrade Forum for Political Excellence, Belgrade Center for […]

Presentation on Kosovo-Serbia dialogue at the Belgrade Security Forum

12-14 October 2016 – BPRG Executive Director, Naim Rashiti was invited to speak at the Belgrade Security Forum on the topic of “The Belgrade – Pristina Dialogue and the EU Future”. His presentaiton included an overview of the dialogue achievements, addressing challenges and opposition to the dialogue and how to develop stages of normalization toward […]

Launch Conferece of the policy report “Serb Integration in Kosovo after the Brussels Agreement”

19 March 2015 – Balkans Group launched the policy report “Serb Integration in Kosovo after the Brussels Agreement”. The launch of the report was preceded by a roundtable discussion in the presence of the key political and internationals actors, policy makers, and journalists in Prishtina. The report examines the current state of the implementation of […]

Serb Integration in Kosovo after the Brussels Agreement – Policy Report

19 March 2015 – Kosovo and Serbia have started an immense task, the integration of the Kosovo Serbs and Belgrade’s administrative and financial infrastructure on Kosovo’s territory into the latter’s system – in short, “Serb integration”. This builds on a hard-won agreement mediated by the EU and hailed as among Brussels’s best achievements. Yet its […]

Something Completely Different in Northern Kosovo – policy briefing

3 November 2013 – Kosovo will hold local elections. For the Serb-held northern municipalities, the elections mark the end of Serbian and the beginning of Kosovo administration, the transition from one country to another. Pristina believes November will cement its sovereignty and territorial integrity. Belgrade hopes the European Union will reward its cooperation with membership […]