Peja: Consultation on Fostering the Women Caucus’ role through regional outreach

04 December 2019 – Balkans Group organised the second roundtable from the series of consultations as part of the project “Fostering the Women Caucus’ role through regional outreach & establishing their relationship with the media”.

The discussion began with identifying the major hurdles that have hindered the effective policy-making related to women’s issues.

Time Kadrijaj, a former Women Caucus Board member, explained how the Women Caucus lobbied for greater representation for the women assembly members, and stressed how important consultations of this nature are.

Mevlyde Idrizi, an assembly member from Peja noted that challenges have arisen due to the lack of media representation for the assembly members. The issue according to Mrs. Idrizi is that the media has not involved the women assembly members in public TV Debates or any other media outlet, as such they do not feel that their voices are being heard. They unanimously agreed that the Women MP’s play a major role in bringing to light the issues and challenges women face at both the local and central levels.

In conclusion, it was agreed by both women MPs and women Municipal Assembly Members that similar roundtables should be held more often.

The project aims to further strengthen the Women Caucus’ impact and expand its reach throughout Kosovo by also liaising with the women representatives at municipal levels.

The project will help women MPs and women municipal assembly members work more closely with media and help initiate public dialogue at the local and central level, forging a sustainable relationship between the caucus and the media through continuous activities. 

Other project activities supporting the Women Caucus include: an intensive training on the use of social networks for women MP’s, meetings with media representatives, and a concluding conference.

The project “Fostering the Women Caucus’ role through regional outreach and establishing relationship with the media” is funded by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) – an initiative of the Government of Canada”.

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