Policy Dialogue for Reform-Driven Agreement and Resolution of the On-Going Political Crisis

The project promotes democratic consolidation, cooperation, reform dialogue, and thus put the political crisis to an end through its Policy Dialogue discussions. The Dialogue roundtables are an activity of BPRG which were successfully launched in March 2016 as a pilot that brought together senior members of political parties at a roundtable focused on finding a way out of the crisis. The grant was used to support Dialogue discussions organised from March to May 2016.


The overall goal of the project is to resolve the political crisis and prevent violence from taking place as well as to advance Kosovo’s state-building agenda.

By helping to develop working relations among all political parties, a more “normal” working atmosphere will be established which will contribute to returning institutions back to their full functionality, especially the Parliament.

By identifying themes and issues of common interest, the project will lead to a reform-driven political agreement addressing the major points of dispute while bringing about concrete reforms and policy solutions.

The project makes an important contribution to preventing state failure that has been lurking on the horizon for almost two years.

Objectives include:

To build consensus on key policy issues for Kosovo (including dialogue with Serbia)
To enable the full functioning of the institutions (including a return of the opposition parties to the Parliament)
To develop a culture of political dialogue in Kosovo.

Qamil Hoxha street ob. no. 29
appartment no. 7,
10000, Kosovo

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 09:00  – 17:00


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📢We are pleased to announce a new partnership with @Sida on the project -Elevate Peace, state-building agenda, and advancing the #EU Agenda. Together, we'll advance state-building agendas, foster dialogue for #peace, and promote inclusive policymaking.

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