First Roundtable of Dialogue with senior representatives of political parties

11 March 2016 – Today took place the first roundtable of dialogue with senior representatives of the largest political parties. After months of preparations, representatives of LDK, PDK, AAK and NISMA agreed to sit together and launch a political dialogue between the government and the opposition. Vetëvendosje did not participate.

The preparation and the roundtable were facilitated by the Balkans Group and D4D Institute; it included months of consultations and negotiations in the form of shuttle diplomacy between party leaders that concluded with a roundtable of sitting together. Several ambassadors and the EU Special Representative were initiated to participate in the capacity of the observers.

Participants considered the event as a start that will help rebuild communication, dialogue and consensus among political actors in Kosovo. one of them said, “there can be no real climate of cooperation without the culture of political consensus”. Vice presidents highlighted issues that need political dialogue and cooperation; electoral reform, Assembly’s rules of procedure, demarcation agreement with Montenegro, dialogue with Serbia, the inter-parliamentary committee on the SAA and the criminal code.

It was stated the need to intensify the dialogue and setting clear objectives with clear deadlines for resolving important issues for the interest of the country!

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