Toxic load, safe transfer – The effects of implementing the Agreement on ADR certificates

The agreement on mutual recognition of the ADR Certificates (25 April 2016) between Kosovo and Serbia reached in Brussels with the facilitation of the EU, has contributed to the free movement of hazardous goods and allowed economic operation of Kosovo companies working in this sector, in line with European and international standards. ADR Certificate (Accord Dangereux […]

End of year round of dialogue with political party vice presidents promises cooperation and timetable for progress

20 December, 2017 Facilitated by Balkans Group, the vice presidents of five parliamentary parties VV, LDK, PDK, AAK and NISMA convened for a new round of political dialogue Vice presidents from the governing coalition and the opposition parties worked together on a new dialogue agenda including topics, which require firm cooperation and coordination between the […]

Workshop with experts on political dialogue

3 April 2017 – Balkans Group led initiative of political dialogue has attracted support from civil society, media and experts.With the aim to consolidate the political dialogue, we have engaged experts of different fields of policy, law, constitutional issues, media, to enhance understanding and support for the ongoing format of the political dialogue between the […]

First Roundtable of Dialogue with senior representatives of political parties

11 March 2016 – Today took place the first roundtable of dialogue with senior representatives of the largest political parties. After months of preparations, representatives of LDK, PDK, AAK and NISMA agreed to sit together and launch a political dialogue between the government and the opposition. Vetëvendosje did not participate. The preparation and the roundtable […]