Press Release – Political parties sign an Election Code of Conduct

1 June 2017 – Press Release: Representatives of political parties confirmed their commitment for holding successful elections on June 11, 2017 contributing to democratic consolidation of Kosovo institutions. Political parties invite all members, their candidates, coalition partners to adhere to the principles of free, fair, and democratic elections. Local and international government and non-governmental organisation […]

High level seminar: Peace, mediation, crisis management and the Ahtisaari Plan

26 April 2017 – Balkans Group contributed to the high level seminar, Kosovo and Finland Building Future Together: Peace Mediation, Crisis Management and the Ahtisari Plan- the way Forward. The seminar was organised by the embassy of Finland on the occasion of Finland’s 100 anniversary of independence. Balkans Group executive director, Naim Rashiti moderated a […]

Dialogue roundtable with vice presidents of political parties

3 April 2017 – Facilitated by Balkans Group, vice presidents of five political parties held a new round of political dialogue in Prishtina. Party representatives worked on developing and enhancing dialogue with focus on priority issues that need to be further discussed before and after the elections “whenever they are held”. Besides disagreements, party vice […]

Workshop with experts on political dialogue

3 April 2017 – Balkans Group led initiative of political dialogue has attracted support from civil society, media and experts.With the aim to consolidate the political dialogue, we have engaged experts of different fields of policy, law, constitutional issues, media, to enhance understanding and support for the ongoing format of the political dialogue between the […]

Vice presidents of political parties hold a two-day round of dialogue in Tirana

16-17 March 2017 – Facilitated by the Balkans Group, political parties held a new round of the dialogue. This two-day round was held in Tirana. Dialogue during these two days helped enhancing understanding and improving cooperation between the government and opposition actors. Parties worked on moving forward the Roadmap and identifying priorities that require urgent […]

Balkans Group part of the Commission of Experts on measurement of the territory of Kosovo

27 February 2017 – Balkans Group Senior Program Manager Jeton A. Rexha was part of the Expert Commission for the measurement of territory of the Republic of Kosovo. The Government of Kosovo appointed the expert commission in reaction to the massive and robust objection of the demarcation agreement with Montenegro by the opposition parties and […]

Public Debate in Drenas – “Support for the Promise” Anti-Radicalisation Campaign

22 February 2017 – Balkans Group held a public debate intended to shape the right messaging against radicalisation and violent extremism. Our ‘Support for the Promise’ campaign offered a joint interactive platform, to share and discuss all relevant issues of concerns, role of the community in empowering local voices and messengers against radicalism and violent […]

Public Debate in Ferizaj – “Support for the Promise” Anti-Radicalisation Campaign

23 February 2017 – Promoting, preventing and reporting of radicalisation among youth is an integral part of our ‘Support for the Promise’ campaign. Building coalitions of grassroots community activists supported us to expand the reach of the Amplifying Credible Voices network in at-risk communities. Public debates contributed to identify gaps and further strengthen coordination at […]

Public Debate in Vushtrri – “Support for the Promise” Anti-Radicalisation Campaign

21 February 2017 – Our ‘Support for the Promise’ campaign continues. Representatives of civil society, municipal authorities, police, councils of students, parents and teachers, the Islamic Community, youth activists and ordinary citizens participated in an interactive discussion organized by the Balkans Group. Participants debated about conflicting views between the traditional Albanian culture and practicing of […]