Dialogue Roundtable with party senior representatives

13 July 2016 – Initiated by the Balkans Group and in partnership with the D4D Institute, senior representatives of political parties met today in Prishtina. This meeting mark the forth round of political dialogue. The Agenda of the Roundtable included discussions on further steps on finding a consensual solution regarding the border agreement with Montenegro […]

Political Dialogue – Roundtable of leaders and vice-presidents

04 July 2017 – Facilitated by the Balkans Group, leaders and vice presidents of parliamentary parties VV, LDK, PDK, AAK NISMA and PSD convened for a new round of political dialogue. The discussions were focused around the consensus for the dialogue with Serbia with two priorities, the appointment of the negotiating team and the principles for […]

Roundtable with the Friends (embassies), supporters of the political dialogue

5 April 2016 – Today, together with the Democracy for Development Institute (D4D) we hosted a Roundtable with the officials of the embassies to discuss the political situation, the dialogue that was launched by the Balkans Group and other challenges to the Kosovo state-building agenda. We presented the Work Plan and the Agenda for the […]

Roundtable with senior representatives of parliamentary parties

29 March 2016 – The second roundtable of political dialogue was facilitated today by the Balkans Group in cooperation with Democratic Institute (D4D). The Agenda included discussions on finding a minimum consensus for cooperation among political parties, as positive step to establish an inter-party dialogue. Participants suggested to create two lists of issues: a list […]

First Roundtable of Dialogue with senior representatives of political parties

11 March 2016 – Today took place the first roundtable of dialogue with senior representatives of the largest political parties. After months of preparations, representatives of LDK, PDK, AAK and NISMA agreed to sit together and launch a political dialogue between the government and the opposition. Vetëvendosje did not participate. The preparation and the roundtable […]