Policy Idea Lab

The Policy Idea Lab platform aims to bring new policy tools and spaces where policy-makers, members of the institutions, advisors, experts, the CSO community, academics, etc., share their knowledge, debate policy process and topics, and devise solutions.

Policy Idea Lab will serve as a creative space, where important policies will be analysed, and recommendations will be crafted, for the benefit of public institutions, the policy community, and the wider public. 

Qamil Hoxha street ob. no. 29
appartment no. 7,
10000, Kosovo

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 09:00  – 17:00


Connect with us:

📢We are pleased to announce a new partnership with @Sida on the project -Elevate Peace, state-building agenda, and advancing the #EU Agenda. Together, we'll advance state-building agendas, foster dialogue for #peace, and promote inclusive policymaking.

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