About Us

About Us

The Balkans Policy Research Group (Balkans Group) is a non-profit, non-governmental think tank researching and developing policy recommendations on peacebuilding and statebuilding issues in the Western Balkans.

Balkans Group is built on the foundation laid down by the International Crisis Group’s years of work in the region. It is not a continuation of Crisis Group under another name, but a wholly independent organization with a distinct goal, carrying forward a valuable legacy. The founding staff are veterans of Crisis Group’s Balkans and Kosovo projects. They have been the force behind Crisis Group’s reporting and analysis with a strong record of picking the right topic at the right time, getting the key information, analyzing it objectively and devising the right solutions.

While the threat of renewed war has receded, states in the region are still weak and marked by deep internal and external disputes. Some are improving; others are stagnant or regressing. Balkans Group is dedicated to helping the region overcome the fragility that threatens its development and obstructs integration with Europe.

We will target the sources of state fragility in Southeastern Europe – unresolved legacies of war, patronage-based politics, intolerance, a lack of accountability and local ownership – and offer specific, tested policy recommendations to resolve them. We will present our work through innovative outreach and advocacy in cooperation with like-minded organizations.

All of our work is based on extensive, on the ground field research carried out by our own staff, coupled with interviews with national and international leaders. We provide reliable factual reporting on key developments. Building on this, we offer analysis that explains the long term implications of events and identifies the key points at which policy interventions can have greatest impact. We aim to help national decision makers and international actors craft the policies that lead to the resolution of outstanding internal and bilateral conflicts and to state consolidation. Our staff has developed an extensive network of contacts in the region of the Western Balkans

The Balkans Policy Research Group will work to develop a reputation for integrity, professionalism and independence in its publications and (public) advocacy. Our work is focused on Kosovo, Bosina, Macedonia, Serbia and Albania.  Balkans Group is registered in Pristina, Kosovo.

Mission Statment

BPRG’s main goal is to contribute to state consolidation and societal harmony in Kosovo and Western Balkans through field evidence-based research, analysis, advocacy, and policy dialogue, with the ultimate aim of bringing the region closer to EU membership.

Core Values

In all its actions, BPRG commits to act in accordance with the following core organisational values:

Equality: All people are free and equal in dignity and rights: civil, political, social, economic, gender, and cultural. BPRG ensures equal employment policies for researchers and analysts of all ethnicities and aims to build a team of highly qualified and trained researchers and policy analysts.

Impartiality: We are committed to remain impartial in our research, reporting, policy advice and advocacy activities.

Working for the benefit of society: BPRG is dedicated to work for and give its contribution to democratic, harmonious, and prosperous society.

Effective collaboration: in achieving its goals, BPRG intends to collaborate with all relevant actors. Cooperation with civil society organisations, state institutions, media, and other sectors of the society represents the foundation of BPRG’s work and commitments.

Transparency and accountability: BPRG commits to disclose to the public all relevant information regarding its activities, governance structures, finances, and other assets.

Integrity and professionalism: BPRG cultivates honest relations with its supporters, donors, project beneficiaries, staff, members, partner organisations, state institutions, and the public in general. It is dedicated to respecting the applicable legislation and the highest standards of good governance and professionalism for the functioning of civil society organisations.

Diversity: we strive to preserve diversity in our outlook, perspectives, as well as among our staff, in view of crafting rich, realistic, feasible, and actionable policy recommendations.

Board of Trustees


Advisory Board


Our Team


Naim Rashiti

Executive Director and Senior Balkans Analyst

Jeton A. Rexha
Program Manager / Senior Researcher

Julie Coleman
Senior Researcher

Drilona Aliu
Project Coordinator

Andi Maloku

Elona Gashi
Junior Researcher

Ardita Hajra
Junior Researcher

Emele Pushkolli
Finance Officer

Granit Paçarada
Administrator / IT

Gramoz Surkishi

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