Call for Expression of Interest – Policy Writing/ Energy Security in Serbia

Short-term Experts/ Consultants/CSOs and Consulting Companies

Policy Writing/ Energy Security in Serbia


Within the framework of the regional cooperation component, Balkans Policy Research Group (BPRG) is seeking to contract energy policy experts/ consultants for Serbia.

We are looking for experts/ consultants that acquire thorough expertise, are able to deliver high-quality policy writing and have in-depth knowledge of energy policy in Serbia, regional, and EU levels.  Numerous experts/consultants will work jointly towards addressing the energy policy developments, challenges, and gaps in the Western Balkans region.

Scope of Work

This activity aims at tracking energy security developments, identifying key challenges in the Western Balkans, as well as to address the ways that the WB6 governments can become more resilient to energy security threats. Within the framework of this activity, the experts/consultants are required to collaborate and work together with the experts on the other WB countries and with BPRG staff, to deliver analysis on the energy security of the region.

Who can apply?

Individual Experts/Consultants;

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs);

Consulting firm companies.

Type: Nationals of the WB6 countries and/or internationals.

General Requirements

  • Ensure full compliance with the BPRG writing style and criteria, which is rather practical and conceive in language, methodology, and recommendations as opposed to an academic style of writing;
  • Be consistently in touch with BPRG and provide reports to the Project Coordinator and the Executive Director;
  • Work with wit, caution, and reasonable skills;
  • Be able to conduct any other tasks that contribute towards achieving the purpose of the work for which the expert is contracted;
  • Conduct interviews, questionnaires, and surveys with a range of stakeholders including government institutions, international organisations, the business community, and civil society;
  • Possess an excellent networking pool including energy policy stakeholders at the WB6 country-specific and regional level.


  • The expert is required to have the following qualifications and experience:
  • An advanced degree in energy policy, political science, economics, management, public policy/administration, or other related fields;
  • At least 3- 5 years of relevant professional experience and detailed working knowledge in the policy area of energy with regional expertise on WB6 country-specific and regional levels;
  • Excellent knowledge of policy, regulatory and institutional frameworks in energy sectors in the WB6 and EU;
  • Through knowledge of energy challenges including energy supply, energy diversification, efficiency, and renewables, as well as integration and interconnection of WB6 in energy markets and EU;
  • Demonstrated high-level quality in writing policy papers, analyses, and reports on energy-related topics;
  • An understanding of the issues and policies of the governments of WB6 including regional cooperation organisations, initiatives, and mechanisms in the energy field.
  • Demonstrated skills and ability in program-related research (quantitative and qualitative) from design to field research and analysis.
  • Experience in conducting complex, multiphase research and executing mixed-method research studies including interviews, questionnaires, and surveys.

Guiding Principles

While offering expert advice, the Expert must demonstrate specific diligence with regard to:

  • In-depth knowledge and up-to-date insights on the energy security developments in the region and the EU;
  • Access to governmental institutions, agencies, and other institutional sectors in WB6 country-specific and regional levels;
  • High quality of policy drafting and writing;
  • Open-minded and unbiased opinions and analyses;

All interested experts/consultants must present the following documents for the qualification process

  • A curriculum vitae of no more than two pages in English;
  • A motivation letter in English, composed of no more than1000 words explaining how this role fits the experts/consultants/ organization’s/ company’s background;
  • Documentation of previous research that relates to energy security and other energy-related areas on WB6 country-specific, regional, and/or EU level.

 The closing date for applications is 25 July 2023.

 Full applications with the email subject “Energy Expert” should be sent to [email protected].

Note that Balkans Group may contract one to numerous individuals, organisations, and/or consulting companies. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted. Contract and Fees for the assignment will be negotiated individually with each successful candidate.

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