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EU Integration Reforms Indicators


Balkans Policy Research Group (BPRG) is implementing the project “Elevate peace & state building agenda, and advancing European agenda”, funded by The Norwegian Embassy in Kosovo.

In the regional context, Balkans Group is focused on supporting the EU related agendas – implementation of the Stabilization and Association Agreement (SAA) and the European Reform Agenda (ERA). Kosovo, similar to other regional countries, is on its path to European Integration. In 2015, Kosovo marked the first concrete step towards EU by signing the SAA. One year later, the European Reform Agenda was established to support the implementation of SAA, improve governance and business environment and to consolidate the institutions. It contains 22 priorities, in the areas of governance, rule of law, economic growth, competitiveness, education and job creation. Yet there are numerous obstacles to their implementation.

In addition, the government plans to launch ERA II with un-upgraded list of priorities in the same areas of good governance, competitiveness and investment climate, and employment and education.

Scope of work

Balkans Group invites bidders – individual consultant(s) and consultancy companies – to apply for the provision of services for the development of indicators to evaluate progress of Kosovo institutions (the Government and other institutions) in implementing EU integration reforms required under the Stabilisation and Association Agreement (SAA) between the European Union (EU) and Kosovo. The bidder will be required to develop indicators to measure implementation of reforms required by the SAA in key policy areas, focusing on legal and institutional reforms, as well as institutional performance in implementation and enforcement. These indicators have to produce results that are clear, easy to read and presented in a user-friendly way to the wider public.

Multiple institutions and agencies monitor the progress in implementation of priorities and programmes of the Government for country’s development and in implementing EU integration reforms, notably the SAA and planning frameworks such as the European Reform Agenda, etc. Kosovo is also monitored by various actors such as EU institutions, U.S. agencies and international organisations on many policy areas such as governance, elections and democratisation, rule of law, human and minority rights, fight against corruption and organised crime, media freedom, etc. They produce reports targeting policy makers, media and NGOs; however, few citizens read or understand them, and therefore the wider public is not clearly informed on their findings and impact in country’s development and the progress on EU integration path.

Based on these parameters, Balkans Group intends to select an individual / company to develop indicators measuring implementation of EU integration reforms and the monitoring methodology, as well as the concept, structure and functions of an online platform (a section in BPRG’s webpage) to present the findings on implementation of these reforms. This will entail conceptualisation of the online platform and its design and development, in cooperation with relevant IT services, as well as content creation; based on the indicators that bidders will develop within the present service contract. The contractor shall also develop and implement technical solutions to ensure platform’s user-friendliness in order to respond to its audience’s needs in an ongoing basis, and to provide technical maintenance and support to this end.

The platform will need to engage visitors interactively and dynamically by tailoring information to suit to visitors’ needs. This assignment aims to source external technical skills for the design and development of the platform. BPRG’s in-house resources will also provide expert content development, as needed.

All interested parties are invited to submit their proposals in conformity with the specifications of the assignment elaborated in the following.

General requirements

Overall, the contractor is required to provide the following services/deliverables:

  • Develop the structure and content of indicators measuring implementation by Kosovo institutions of EU integration reforms, including a dynamic infographic;
  • Develop and present the concept and methodology of data collection and analysis, based on the structure and content of these indicators, as well as guidelines to carry out such tasks;
  • Develop and present a detailed proposal to present findings – in visualized (charts, diagrams, etc.) and textual format – of the regular monitoring process, based on these indicators;
  • Develop and present a concept of the online platform, with a clear structure, content and functions, to regularly present to the public findings of this monitoring process.

Other requirements:

  • Ensure implementation and provide support to maintenance, troubleshooting and related services for the newly-developed platform;
  • Serve, in cooperation with the project team and other BPRG staff, as a resource point for problem analysis and solutions;
  • Come up with an effective plan and design of the functionalities of the platform;
  • Provide technical and creative expertise to create, manage, and update the platform;
  • Overall maintenance of the platform for three years.


The contractor is required to have the following qualifications and experience:

  • Extensive knowledge and experience with monitoring implementation of public policies by government institutions in Kosovo;
  • Extensive knowledge and experience on Kosovo’s European integration process and reforms required by this process, notably by the SAA;
  • Extensive experience and technical expertise in designing and using indicators to monitor, report on and evaluate implementation of public policies by government institutions;
  • Extensive experience in collecting data based on indicators to evaluate implementation of public policies, as well as in analysing and presenting the findings, in visual and textual format, to the general public;
  • Extensive knowledge and expertise to develop and manage the online platform (webpage) presenting such findings by making use of innovative technologies and applications;
  • Specific and in-depth expertise in website content management system;
  • Excellent communication skills and capacities to respond to changing needs and requirements as communicated by the implementing team.

Format of proposals

Proposals should at a minimum contain the following:

  1. Proposed methodology / approach

The submitted proposal should contain the following:

  • A capacity statement stating the Bidders’ capacities, qualifications, experience and expertise in delivering the services elaborated in this call;
  • A detailed description of work experience with traceable references;
  • An overview on how the Bidder intends to engage with the team in undertaking the work elaborated in this call;
  • A detailed budget specifying all the costs required to undertake the scope of work described in this call;
  • Time table and activity plan for the assignment.


Activity Date
Deadline for submission of applications March 15th, 2021
Signing of the contract March 25, 2021
Design of the subpage and indicators March 25, 2021 – April 25, 2021
Launch of the subpage May 01, 2021
Subpage maintenance Until December 31st 2023

Deadline for submissions

All proposals must be submitted via email by 15 March, 2021 (5:00 PM) to the following details:

Subject: Proposal_Online_Platform

To: [email protected]

General conditions

The following should be noted by interested parties:

  • Products may not be made available to any unauthorized person or institution or sold for profit without prior written consent from the implementing parties.
  • On completion or termination of the agreement, all products must be handed over to BPRG.
  • No information concerning the tender or award of the tender may be made available by the Bidder to other parties without prior consultation and written approval from the BPRG.
  • The successful bidder will be required to be bound by confidentiality.


The time period for this assignment will be 3 years. Performance will be evaluated on 6 months basis. The contracting party reserves the right to terminate the contract if the conditions set forth in the contract are not met.

Management reporting and assignment enquiries

All enquiries related to the objectives and scope of this assignment should be directed to:

BPRG office

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 00383 38 ​235 005

Qamil Hoxha street ob. no. 29
appartment no. 7,
10000, Kosovo

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 09:00  – 17:00


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